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How does matching my race with race calendars work?
How does matching my race with race calendars work?

A high-level look at the matching algorithm used to determine what race calendars we list your race on.

Updated over a week ago

The matching of your race to race calendars on our database works on the basis of the details of your race, and the parameters each race calendar has set for accepting races for publication.

For example, a race calendar may only be listing ultramarathons or obstacle races. When that is the case, we will make sure that only races with ultramarathon distances or obstacle races are submitted to that particular calendar. Another calendar, may only accept races in a particular state, or even only a specific city or county within that state.

By matching and submitting your race to the best suited race calendars, we make sure you event ends up before an audience that is the right audience for your race.

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