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I can't see a "View listing" link next to a race calendar listing. What does that mean?
I can't see a "View listing" link next to a race calendar listing. What does that mean?

Understand what "View listing" links on listing reports mean and why some calendars may not display a "View listing" link.

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As part of the process of submitting your race details for listing on race calendars, we endeavour to provide information on your race listing report of the pages where your race listings appear after they've been published by race calendars.

In some cases, the races are published immediately upon submission, and a link to the published listing is provided by the race calendar as confirmation of publication. In most cases, publication of race details takes longer - often days or even weeks.

Whenever we are able to obtain and confirm a page for your race listing on a race calendar, a link to that page will appear against that race calendar on your race listing report as a View listing link. These links will start appearing on your listing report as listings are confirmed in the days following the submission process.

It is important to understand that we have no control over the timeframe for listing approvals by race calendars. Furthermore, in the case of some race calendars, it may not always be possible for us to find your published listing after is has been published by the race calendar, because of the technology used by some race calendar websites.

For those reasons, we may not be able to provide a View listing link for some race calendars on your listing report. However, you should not interpret the absence of such a link as an indication that your submission has been rejected, as your listing may be published on a page we are unable to confirm.

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