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What is Budget Builder?

A brief overview of our tool for building race budgets and managing financial projections.

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Budget Builder is our tool for building race budgets and managing your race finances.

Budget Builder provides you with an out-of-the-box base budget for your selected race, which you can further customize to suit your race's specific budgeting needs.

The event summary table

At the top of the Budget Builder page you can find the event summary table:

This table lists your race's events, the entry fee and number of participants in each event, and various other helpful financial metrics for each event.

The entry fee schedule editor

Clicking on any row on the event summary table launches the entry fee schedule editor:

You can use the entry fee schedule editor to specify different pricing periods for each of your events, as well as the number of registered and projected participants in each period.

Budget Builder views

Budget Builder has two separate views, which can be accessed through the view selection bar under the event summary table:

  • Budget view: Budget view is the main view on Budget Builder. This is where you get to build your race budget by adding budget item lines (e.g. for bibs, shirts, insurance etc) to your costs or revenues.

  • Variance view: Variance view is where you get to track your budget variance, that is, the difference between the amounts you had originally budgeted and the amounts you ended up actually earning or spending on your various budget items.

The budget item editor

Clicking on any row on either the Costs or Revenues tables in Budget view launches the budget item editor.

You can use the budget item editor to add new items to your budget or edit existing items on your budget.

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