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What do the fields on the budget item editor mean?
What do the fields on the budget item editor mean?

Understanding the various fields displayed on the budget item editor.

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Revenue group/Cost group

The group of revenues or costs a budget item belongs to.

Item groups provide a convenient way for presenting similar items together on your budget under a common heading, e.g. showing Shirts, Bibs and Awards items under the Supplies & Equipment group heading.

Item type

The type of revenue or cost represented by the item, e.g. Shirts, Bibs, Liability insurance etc.

If a suitable item type is missing from the list of common item types for the selected group, you can choose "Other" at the end of the list of available items, and enter a name of your choice for your item in the Item name field.

Budgeted price

The amount that has been budgeted for the item, e.g. $8 for shirts or $400 for liability insurance.

Actual price

The actual amount paid for or earned on an item.

Once an actual price is specified for an item, the budgeted price for that item is replaced by the actual price for that item on the Price column in Budget view, and an A icon is added to the right of the price to signify the use of actual amounts in that item's totals calculation.

Actual price is also used in the calculation of an item's budget variance.

Quantity type

The quantity an item applies to.

There are three quantity types to choose from:

  • Per participant (): The item price applies to each participant for the selected event (or to all participants in the race, if All events is selected in the Event field).

  • Per event (): The item price applies to a specific event (or the entire race, if All events is selected in the Event field).

  • Custom (): The item price applies to whatever custom Quantity override you specify.


The event a specific budget item applies to.

If a budget item applies to a specific event (e.g. medals for your 5K), set this to the specific event you want the item to apply to. When you do that, and the item is set to the Per participant quantity type, the item price apply only to participants in this event (e.g. the 5K).

Alternatively, if a budget item applies to all events (e.g. shirts for all events in your race) and the item is a Per participant item, setting this to All events will ensure that the item price applies to the sum of all participants across all events in your race.

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